Wire Your Home the Right Way

Find quality residential electrical services in Lubbock, TX

What makes residents of the Lubbock, Texas area depend on our residential electrical services? We value quality work over high profit margins. Other electrical contractors cut corners to save money, creating safety hazards. TM Electric will always take the extra time to do electrical installations properly.

What kind of electrical installations do you need?

What kind of electrical installations do you need?

Whether you need an electrician to install a new chandelier or upgrade your home’s electrical system, we’re the company to call. Our residential electrical services include:

  • Installing appliances and lighting fixtures: Make sure your new ceiling fan is installed correctly the first time.
  • Repairing previous electrical installations: When another electrician installs something incorrectly, we’ll fix it.
  • Upgrading electrical panels: If you need more power than your current panel provides, we’re the team you’re looking for.
Start your electrical installations in the Lubbock, TX now – call TM Electric at 806-792-3511.